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Nizhny Novgorod region
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Where to have breakfast in Nizhny Novgorod

Classic Eggs Benedict, custard pancakes, homemade yoghurts, cheesecakes with cream, and scrambled eggs with spinach — Nizhny knows a lot of options on how to make the perfect breakfast.

Whether it’s early risers before the start of the working day, those who have just got off an overnight flight and want to build up strength before exploring the city, or just those who like to have breakfast outside the house — in our selection everyone will find somewhere to their liking.

Happy People

20 Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St. 
Breakfast served from 8:00 — 22:00

What to try: rice porridge with raspberry espuma and vanilla ice cream — 300 rubles, syrniki with Pavlova, passion fruit sauce and vanilla ice cream — 400 rubles

The simple and perfect formula «breakfasts—eclairs—sparkling wine» fully describes the concept of this cafe, which will rid you forever of your childhood prejudices that porridge cannot be interesting.


6 Rozhdestvenskaya St.
All day breakfast around the clock

What to try: carrot dumplings — 310 rubles, Bezukhov pancakes — 430 rubles

The way to the Volga cuisine lies through Bezukhov. Its menu is based on clear and familiar dishes, a lot of river fish, and a tribute to history. And the ironic name of Dickens’s Breakfast alone hints that you won’t be able to go hungry. An important advantage of the place is that you can have breakfast at dawn after a long party.


24 Piskunov St.
Breakfast served from 8:00 — 22:00

What to try: potato pancakes with scrambled eggs, salmon, caviar, mustard sauce — 690 rubles, strawberry pancakes — 490 rubles

Colourful like a wheel of coffee flavours, the coffee shop on Piskunov is loved by residents not only for its delicious specialty coffee, but also for its thoughtfully put together breakfast menu and elegant interior, for which the artist Asya Feoktistova created a series of works.


9/18 Ivanovsky Congress St.
Breakfast served from 8:00 — 22:00 

What to try: cheesecake with caramel strachatella and ice cream with gorgonzola — 430 rubles, puff pastry with Chantilly cream and soaked blackberries — 420 rubles

The secret cipher in the name turns out to be the address of an exquisite bistro overlooking Rozhdestvenskaya, where classics of European hearty breakfasts such as Eggs Benedict and baked toasts are served at any time of the day.

De Kas

121 Maxim Gorky St.
Breakfast served from 7:00 — 12:00

What to try: cottage cheese casserole with boiled condensed milk and strawberries — 430 rubles, omelette with salmon, asparagus and cheese with Provencal herbs — 580 rubles

A restaurant featuring delicious European and Russian cuisine located at the Kulibin Park Hotel, which has exquisite items on the menu. Large breakfasts: English, Mediterranean and sweet — accompanied by a choice of two drinks.


13 Ulyanova St., 30 Semashko St.
Breakfast served from 7:00 — 23:00

What to try: European breakfast — 620 rubles, squash pancakes with salmon — 580 rubles

It seems that the choice of croissants was predetermined in advance, but they can only be a pleasant addition to a shrimp omelette with d’or-blu sauce or quinoa with fruit. For those who like to think through everything to the smallest detail, you can assemble your own breakfast constructor.

The Cheese Factory

1 Oktyabrskaya Square 
Breakfasts served Mon-Fri 7:30–12:00, Sat-Sun 7:30–13:00 

What to try: ricotta cheesecakes — 400 rubles, soft farm cottage cheese with fresh berries — 650 rubles

The Nizhny Novgorod Cheese Factory continues the tradition of other projects of this chain from restaurateur Arkady Novikov: rustic cuisine for the whole family and homemade cheeses. Without a doubt, their cheesecakes, homemade yoghurt and shakshuka with cheese will be the key to a great start to the day!

Mola Mola 

6/16 Alekseevskaya St., Corner Place Business Centre
Breakfasts served Mon-Fri 8:00–14:00, Sat-Sun 8:00–16:00 

What to try: classic breakfast — 320 rubles, omelette with mushrooms, broccoli and olive salsa — 350 rubles

With the ease of the coffee shop’s fish mascot, we move along the course of classic dishes that are by no means devoid of individuality. Among them: soft brioche with seasonal berries and cream, or Guryev condensed milk porridge with cheese mousse and cookies, which immediately provoke a rush of tenderness towards the whole world.

Dzhani Restaurant

40/3 Piskunov St. 
Breakfast served from 8:00 — 12:00

What to try: cheesecakes with orange jam — 395 rubles, pancakes with scrambled eggs, mushroom sauce and morels — 350 rubles

Dzhani’s breakfast menu satisfies the basic precepts of Georgian cuisine: outstanding taste, variety and satiety. In addition to the complex sets, you can also try dishes with rustic eggs,  and pancakes and porridges of the day. And all this is not without a gesture of traditional Georgian generosity: all morning you are treated to unlimited cafe Americano, or a glass of sparkling wine.


8 Bolshaya Pecherskaya St.
Breakfast served from 8:00 — 16:00

What to try: scrambled eggs with parma and strachatella — 690 rubles, oatmeal porridge with tiramisu mousse and fresh berries — 350 rubles

A new place from the creators of the TEMP coffee shop and the Park Kultury Gallery of Taste acts in a double role. In the morning it is a bakery with long—fermented sourdough bread and hearty breakfasts, while in the evening it transforms into a restaurant with a menu inspired by classic European cuisine and a very decent wine list.